The New Neo-Outlaw

Do you fall into this slot? Are you a new outlaw? You might think you are not, but the Neo Outlaw is being created everyday. If you believe in self reliance and the right to own a gun, including the right to store a bit of food or other stores that could see you through a tough time either by a collapse or just a very bad weather event , you might be classed as a Neo Outlaw. If you are outspoken about your rights and look to be an independent thinker, you might be classed as an Neo Outlaw. If you are self employed and stand on your own, have a car paid for and a home that is … Read More

Tending Your Own Wilderness

DSC_0058The indigenous peoples all over the U.S.A., all over the world actually, helped the plants along they used a lot. But it was not apparent to the Europeans, they thought it was all just wild, when in fact it had been manipulated by the bands of folks who lived there, from burning to promote new growth to pruning plants to do the same. Burning is out for us, but it is an interesting story of how and when it was done.

The focus of this article is what you can do in your chosen little piece of the rock to work in. No one will notice unless they examine the plant closely and then it has to be one who really … Read More

The Dangerous Side of Survival TV

Here is an eye opening account of what many of us already knew. Cody Lundin Pretty much dismantles the Survival TV business brick by Brick.

It’s a fairly long Story, but well worth the read, covering all the shows, not just Dual survival. It does talk of all the shenanigans the producers pulled and attempted to pull on the Cody and his cohost, however.


On the wall of a tiny wood cabin outside Prescott, Arizona, hangs a large poster of Cody Lundin staring intensely with a thin half-smile. Below him is a quote: “Learn survival skills from an expert.” Lundin was one of the stars of the Discovery Channel series Dual Survivalfor three and a half of the … Read More

Diving Sparrow Kephart—REVIEW

DSC_0071Most folks don’t know who Horace Kephart is, but to a lot of us he embodies what traditional camping is—a time when leather and canvas were synonymous with camping.

Horace Kephart, undoubtedly, romanticized camping with his book, “Camping and Woodcraft”, written in such prose as to spark the imagination of any young person in the field of camping.

Kephart, to many, is considered the dean of camping and as such has created a cult following of sorts.

I can’t deny he hasn’t affected me as well and as an homage I wanted a way to pay back the inspiration that was Kephart.

Every October there is a set of dates put aside for the commemoration of Kephart, known as Kephart … Read More

Thriving and Surviving as a Feral Woodsman

Underestimating ones skills seems to be a common thread, from what I have observed. From the new wave of TV shows, to the correspondence I have received, to several books and blogs I have read, to interviews with several folks I have had who are trying out living in the wilderness, we can pick apart any of the TV shows but one has a few things right. Believe him or not Mick Dodge has several caches. I have written about such things in my Feral Woodsman articles. This is a smart plan. Backup in real life is a fact, and you want to cover your collective ass.

“Live free or die” also highlights the fact most are not that well … Read More

Busting the Canned Food Expiration Date Myth

For many years, I’ve been telling people unless a can of food is swollen, or is bubbling, etc, the contents are safe to eat. Truth is, no one ever believes me, regardless if I take an expired can of food and eat its contents.

Here’s an article that discusses canned food found from the Lewis and Clark expedition, deemed good to eat by a laboratory in the 1930s… The food was over 100 years old

Eagerly, you search through your food pantry to find a tasty treat. Fumbling with an assortment of packaged foods, you come across a can of beans. While your mouth waters with the promise of baked bean goodness, your eyes stumble across a familiar sight … Read More

Live Free or Die

live free

As if one is not already overwhelmed with the litany of survival type shows currently on television, NatGeo has introduced yet another to the already popular genre. But does it live up to the name?

Tonight’s premiere episode introduced us to six individuals, two of which are couples, who have opted to drop out and by their own means, rely on hard earned primitive skills as a major part of their existence.

Forget the drama and in fighting of dealing with others, this show, surprisingly, turned a new direction for NatGeo.

While I have no allusions of this show not being directed by production staff, I was pleasantly entertained by the organic feel of the show.  I enjoyed hearing the … Read More

Another Look at the Feral Woodsman

When people were primarily hunter/gatherers, without what we now call civilization, our receptors of senses were very refined. We were much more capable as humans able to process with an ability to survive the creation of man, reading the wind, sounds, and smell and what our eyes really saw, missing no details. Today those receptors have been dulled and even closed by non use of what we were designed for. I think we retain much of what we have lost, we just are out of practice, not recognizing the messages. Those signs that were a no brainer at one point are no longer needed. We don’t have to hunt, those senses are not needed in a super market.

We have … Read More

Goodbye dear friend Paul Campbell!

2011-04-13 050Paul passed away at 5:26 a.m. this morning in his home in the arms of his wife Arpy. Goodbye Paul! Paul, you touched us and taught us in so many ways. We’ll all miss you. Enjoy your new journey!… Read More

Creating the Average Joe Look

We have had a few articles on this subject in the past. Here are some more thoughts.

I think one is better off to seem to be less than what you are. Leave the tough guy image at home and undercover.

Most are perceived by how they dress and even the way they carry themselves. If you get the tough guy stare down, most of us would meet it with the same look, we don’t need to do that, nothing to prove, really. Sometimes these scum have buddies to back them up and are just looking for a sucker.

No one likes to be intimidated and it is not something that most of us would tolerate, but if you do … Read More