Another Look at the Feral Woodsman

When people were primarily hunter/gatherers, without what we now call civilization, our receptors of senses were very refined. We were much more capable as humans able to process with an ability to survive the creation of man, reading the wind, sounds, and smell and what our eyes really saw, missing no details. Today those receptors have been dulled and even closed by non use of what we were designed for. I think we retain much of what we have lost, we just are out of practice, not recognizing the messages. Those signs that were a no brainer at one point are no longer needed. We don’t have to hunt, those senses are not needed in a super market.

We have … Read More

Goodbye dear friend Paul Campbell!

2011-04-13 050Paul passed away at 5:26 a.m. this morning in his home in the arms of his wife Arpy. Goodbye Paul! Paul, you touched us and taught us in so many ways. We’ll all miss you. Enjoy your new journey!… Read More

Creating the Average Joe Look

We have had a few articles on this subject in the past. Here are some more thoughts.

I think one is better off to seem to be less than what you are. Leave the tough guy image at home and undercover.

Most are perceived by how they dress and even the way they carry themselves. If you get the tough guy stare down, most of us would meet it with the same look, we don’t need to do that, nothing to prove, really. Sometimes these scum have buddies to back them up and are just looking for a sucker.

No one likes to be intimidated and it is not something that most of us would tolerate, but if you do … Read More

about Paul Campbell

11-04-12 006I still remember when we first met. I’d already had his book, “Survival Skills of Native California,” and loved it. Janet Snyder called me one day and informed me that she, Paul, and I would be having lunch that day at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

“He’s someone you should know,” Janet told me.

I had chile relleno, and I don’t recall what Paul or Janet had, but Paul and I quickly became close friends.

When I visited Paul today, I could help but think to myself what a remarkable and true friend he has been. Not just to me, but to so many of us.

Paul laid in his hospital bed in his home, and we chatted briefly, like usual. … Read More

Water In Mexico

120413MEXICO 014

The photo shows a light-colored tinaco in Merida.

[Nyerges is the author of “How to Survive Anywhere,” and other books. He has led survival skills classes since 1974. He can be reached at or Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041.]

I’ve heard it so long that it sounds like some religious mantra: “Don’t drink the water in Mexico.”

The meaning is that a visitor to Mexico should not drink the water untreated. And why is that? One explanation that I used to hear back in the 1970s when I first visited Mexico was that, while every place has its own bacteria and organisms in their water, one will get used to the organisms in their water after a while. … Read More

Survival Communities Beware

Many of you may have looked into what are being touted as “survival communities”, with the promise of all kinds of securities and a place to live. In some cases the cost is from fifty grand to 500 grand. Many have joined these factions, thinking it is a smart and prudent move, but it sounds like a nightmare to me.

It is best to investigate deeply the survival community of choice and not by asking questions of the membership or the outfit touting the survival village. I would go so far as hiring a professional investigator. Sure it might cost a few thousand, but save you way more in the long run.

The lists I have seen all seem to … Read More

Be Prepared and Have Cash On Hand

800px-1000_United_States_two-dollar_bills_in_shrink_wrapIn case of an emergency, having cash on hand is a prudent move.

One of the more common instances where having cash on hand is beneficial is a power outage. Without power no bank will be able to operate and credit cards wont work. If you need to buy supplies, you will need cash.

Right now we are in the midst of some major solar storms that could affect the grid in places, even the whole country. Having cash will be the answer for many things. On a local scale, an earthquake could take out power where you live. Having a cash reserve could be the tool for buying supplies you find you need to get you and your family … Read More

Growing Tobacco For Trade

We have all heard about using cigarettes as a trade item but they will run out. It is a fact that under stress people smoke more and even take up smoking , when they were never a smoker in the past. With all the talk about bartering, this is a no brainier. Tobacco is a cash crop waiting to be planted.

It’s not all that hard to grow and can grow almost anywhere. Tobacco only needs acidic soil and little care. Creating acidic soil is not hard to do and many instructions can be found online.

You can even buy a mechanical hand roller to manufacture your own brand. You can also learn to hand roll cigars, lots of info … Read More

The California Fan Palm

palm-Halcon 046[This is an excerpt from Christopher’s new book, “Foraging California,” available from Amazon, bookstores, and direct from Christopher at Have you been to one of Christopher’s classes lately? See the schedule at the website.]

Everyone knows the date palms, don’t they? They produce the sweet and delicious dates which you can buy anywhere these days. Many are grown in the low desert of Southern California, not far from Palm Springs. A dried date from a health food store is a delicious thing and I enjoy all varieties. But fresh dates freshly picked sold at a roadside store is quite another creature, and is heavenly. And then, if you have the rare privilege of picking fresh dates from a palm … Read More

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

Have you ever gone fishing and noticed the person fishing next to you seems to be able to cast a country mile, yet you can’t, even though it seems both of you are using the same length rod? The truth is a little science in rod selection was behind his/her ability to do so.

Not too long ago, I was on the hunt for a new rod to match my reel (Like I needed another setup), so, reel in hand, I set out to a sporting good store that has a good selection of rods.

After using the new guide concept method and checking to see if the guides lined to form a bullseye, by sighting down the stripper guide, Read More