Get a Grip on Doomsday

Doom and gloom seems to be a theme touted and bandied about by many “survival” gurus”. It is a scare tactic by many who seem to think they are on to something new.

In my lifetime, fear mongers have not changed their dooomsday chant. A few names have changed, from the Russians are coming to the Koreans are coming to the Chinese are coming—name your favorite country or enemy like the terrorist flavor of the day.

The threats seem real, especially for third world countries in the midst of war and famine. For us, the thought is a terrifying one, if you are easily taken in.

Threat of terrorist groups will not take on a whole country, but will chip Read More

Smoke From a Distant Fire

Classic camping is “smoke from a distant fire”, a feint wisp at first, but once you get a face full it will cause a sickness with no cure.

The distant fire becomes a fire in the belly and knows no boundaries. It will seep into every camping experience as you begin to use traditional camping gear. The fire becomes the center of your camp—cooking in a billy or a dutch oven—placed in front of your Whelen lean-to, Baker tent, or other traditional shelter, like a Baker tent. It is a throw back in time to real camping without the use of nylon. The sound of wind flapping a loose piece of cloth is unlike the flat, sharp rustle of nylon.… Read More

70 Days Living Off the Land in Alaska

Many of us dream about one day just checking out and heading into the hills to live a life of the mountain man. Others often live with the nagging question “I wonder if I could really stay out there for an extended amount of time and live by my wits?” Most will never get to realize their dream, while others will drop out before they start. But there is one person who had this dream and finally one day was able to realize it, putting himself to the ultimate test—heading into the Alaskan Wilderness with no food and foraging, hunting and fishing his way through 70 days.

Bruce “Buck” Nelson, a retired Alaskan Smokejumper had for a very long time … Read More

Exploring the Traditional Camp

A lot of interest has been going on surrounding the subject of traditional camping, using the gear and methods from the “Golden Era” of camping, (1880 to about 1930, give or take). Part of the fun is tracking down the gear and using it in the field. Some you can still buy new, but you can still find used quality stuff—lanterns, tents, and packs. The challenge is in the small details. It is always an on going search to find the most authentic gear no matter how mundane or how little it will be used.

Grounding oneself into the traditional life style will teach you basics that seem to be missing in today’s camp craft. I hate to even think … Read More

More Beyond the Walls

Most of us here know more is beyond the walls beyond people, houses, cars, TV shows and Starbucks. More beyond the news that captures so many in its grip, or whatever culture you have been born into than allows you the use of a computer. A good deal of us have entered that world beyond the walls and constraints of a city, It is called nature,the wild,the wilderness—a place where many find a haven from the the rest of the world. Sure most of us have to use a modern transportation, but at least you can use it to make your break. Those who seek the the wild to feel the wind and the sun, smell what a tree is … Read More

Chicken with Honey Beer Sauce

chickenI believe it was early 2010 sometime and I was on business at JFTB (Joint Forces Training Base) Los Alamitos. After a long day in the field, a group of us went to the pub on base for a much needed drink and meal. The pub is a little unique in that it has an outside patio with gas grills set up where one can grill up their own food, have a drink, and watch the military aircraft come and go.

I decided to grill up some chicken, knowing well my chicken grilling skills always seemed to leave the chicken on the dry side. But hey, I was hungry and chicken is what I was craving. When I ordered up … Read More

Creating a Lifestyle of Foraging

More than survival, it could be a way of life that saves you money, but makes for a more healthful way to eat. You will be introduced to a way that is old as man. You will discover exotic flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. The educational value alone is a great reward that you can pass down to your kids and relatives. I have taken my grand kids on many of Christopher’s wild food hikes, they learn very fast and really enjoy themselves. It is an experience they will use the rest of their lives. The empowerment one achieves reduces the demand of being dependent on the store and spending big bucks on crappy food. Fresh from the … Read More

Foraging the Mountain West… Book Review

foraging 1“Foraging the Mountain West” by Thomas Elpel and Kris Reed. This is a very daunting undertaking and they have pulled  it off very well. The vast area that is covered is on its own a huge task and had to be a labor of love , mix that with the knowledge and we win. You the reader /student reap the reward of what this treasure has to offer. Covers the Rocky Mountains , west to the Sierra Nevadas, north to the Cascades, and emcompassing everything fro the valley bottoms to the mountain tops .
 Too hot , too cold, too windy, too wet, too dry , and too smoky , reflects the realities if the forager, a first field guide … Read More

The New Neo-Outlaw

Do you fall into this slot? Are you a new outlaw? You might think you are not, but the Neo Outlaw is being created everyday. If you believe in self reliance and the right to own a gun, including the right to store a bit of food or other stores that could see you through a tough time either by a collapse or just a very bad weather event , you might be classed as a Neo Outlaw. If you are outspoken about your rights and look to be an independent thinker, you might be classed as an Neo Outlaw. If you are self employed and stand on your own, have a car paid for and a home that is … Read More

Tending Your Own Wilderness

DSC_0058The indigenous peoples all over the U.S.A., all over the world actually, helped the plants along they used a lot. But it was not apparent to the Europeans, they thought it was all just wild, when in fact it had been manipulated by the bands of folks who lived there, from burning to promote new growth to pruning plants to do the same. Burning is out for us, but it is an interesting story of how and when it was done.

The focus of this article is what you can do in your chosen little piece of the rock to work in. No one will notice unless they examine the plant closely and then it has to be one who really … Read More