About Us

Through our own experience, collectively and individually we have arrived at a few conclusions. Research and study takes a lot of time and dedication. From the field, in the bush skills, years of trial and error, gaining the experience, learning from others, throw in the academic study,from  books to film,and  DVDs, is time consuming to say the least. In todays world most just do not have that kind if time. Many are not armed with the right questions because they do not even know what to ask. We have done the research, the testing in the real world. Experience piles up over the years,  and when you can combine the individuals together it becomes a powerful force of a deep understanding and knowledge, we feel the need to pass it on. Our presentations bring you survival knowledge you can practice and own. Are we experts? No, not really, however, we do own skills that have been hard earned and span many decades. We are always learning. What we do not know, we ask, we seek out ,  and bring in others that do have that expertise. We have been around way too long to think we have all answers, we leave that kind of thinking to others. We are Dirttime, and we hope to never stop learning. We will always pass on to you what we know.  Our goal is that we all “own the skills”, that allow us to thrive in the city, the wilderness, and the country.

The Team

Christopher Nyerges

Internationally known and recognized as a premiere survival skills instructor and has been teaching “the skills” since 1974 and has taught over thirty thousand students. He is the editor and a writer for “Wilderness Way” magazine and is enjoying the release of his 9th book, “How To Survive Anywhere”. Christopher has had over 2500 articles, all related to the survival skills, published in his career.

Dude McLean

One of the founding fathers of Dirttime, Dude has over 50 years experience in the outdoors, much of that in the desert. His vast knowledge in outdoor skills led him – for 7 years – to be a field editor, writer, and photographer for, the now former, Wilderness Way magazine. A former Marine, Dude is also a CERT team member for the City of Los Angeles, as well as a survival instructor.