The Real Deal Wool Hoodie

A year and a half ago, at DT10 in Wyoming, I remember walking into Jason Gustafson’s (Lester River Bushcraft) camp. At the time, I didn’t know him. But, what I do remember was this cool looking hoodie he was rocking. We chatted for a few minutes, about various things, but I kept admiring this hoodie he was wearing. Letting my impetuousness get the best of me, I asked him where he obtained it and that I liked the way it looked

“From me”, was his response.

After some idle chatter, I decided to get one from him. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the size I wanted, but a couple of weeks later, when I returned home, there was a package waiting at my front door, for me.

In recollection, I laugh at my self, because here I order winter apparel and it is the middle of summer, go figure.

I guess, now that I have it, I’ll have to wait until winter, so I can put it through the paces, and really see if I like it enough to keep it.

Winter came and went, and I used the bajesus (sp?) out of it. It held up through some rough trail blazing in the dead of winter, and kept me exceedingly warm along the way, including when it rained.

Sadly, winter didn’t last long enough and I had to put it up for the season. I say sadly, because no matter where I went, I got some sort of compliment on the looks of this thing.

As it starts to cool down, again, it’s time to dust off the old hoodie and start wearing it again. Of course, before I do, I want to share some cool features with you, regarding this hoodie.

First and foremost, It is called a Boreal Shirt and is made by Empire Canvas Works, out of Duluth MN and sold by Lester River Bushcraft. Second, it is made of  an 80/20 wool blend.

We all know the special attributes wool has to offer, so I won’t go into that.

I’m going to say it up front, I really like this coat. Not only does it look cool, but it keeps you warm, even when it is wet outside.

There are many features I like about this wool shirt. For starters, It’s wool. Second, It is generously cut, so it extends a little lower than a normal hoodie.

For reference, I am 5’10” and weigh 170 pounds and the Boreal Shirt is a Medium.

It has an attached hood that you can throw over your head to keep you extra warm.

The sleeves have two button positions, for flexibility in adjustment of the cuffs

The hem along the bottom has an integrated cord, so you can cinch up your coat, to prevent an updraft from entering from underneath during real bad weather.

The real cool, hidden features of this coat, lie inside the pass through pocket in the front. It has nylon pockets attached to them for better management of accessories, such as your keys, phones, etc. It also comes with a bigger, zippered pocket which can securely stow bigger items, such as a gun or other items.

All in all, I’m really pleased with this piece of apparel and it has become a favorite piece of my gear. Empire Canvas Works is so sure you’ll like this product too, they offer a lifetime warranty on the shirt to keep you happy and warm.

The one thing I must add: Since it is wool, it is itchy. BUT, wearing a nice soft flannel underneath mitigates that part of it.

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