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Enrique makes a point...

Enrique makes a point…

I thought I would share this with Dirttimers. I wrote this as a result of a query from a “survival magazine” editor asking if I would write about terrorism. He wanted to see an outline first. Here is my outline. I never heard back from the editor….


I would propose the following outline for an article, which would be a beginning level eye-opener for many people. Some will be uncomfortable with this. But I will attempt to provide an overview, as well as specific actions that the reader can take.

Dealing with Terrorism in the urban areas

Know Your Enemy:
Since we are almost certainly talking about Islamic terrorism, the following are good starters:
Get to know where the mosques are in your neighborhood.
Do you know any Muslims? You should talk to them, and ascertain their beliefs
Do you know what “Sharia law” means? Not all Muslims agree with it.
Here are some Koran passages that are most often cited to promote violence.
Here are some key ways in which “western values” are diametrically opposed to radical Islamic idea.
Learn to understand the timing of possible violent event, from the Muslim perspective.

Get involved with local politics, and state and national, if possible.
Understand the current state of the administration, and its pro-Moslem stance.
Understand how Obama has placed Muslims in key political areas (Homeland Defense, Immigration, border patrol, etc.). Without being judgmental, the current US President is working for the benefit of the Muslim population, a very tiny percentage of the US population.
How and what can you bring about a more pro-American, anti-terrorist, common sense approach in politics? (Clue: it won’t be easy).
Why you should support key organizations such as the NRA, and pro-concealed carry groups.

How to determine most-like “hot spots” in your city or neighborhood.
Find ways to avoid those “hot spots.”
Attend Neighborhood Watch and/or police meetings where they discuss ways to fight crime.
Tactfully, ask about protocol for terrorism./
Find ways to be an active part of your local fight against crime.

What should you always carry with you “just in case.”
Personal items that should always be on your body.
A pack of gear, and first aid, that should always be with you.
Communication devices and methods.
Considerations for firearms, and how/when they should be used.

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